1920s Myron Zucker graduates from Cornell University (EE) in 1925 and from Union College (MSEE) in 1929.  Early in his career, he works with the Jam Handy Organization, which was involved in the wartime development of aerial gunnery training devices.
1927 Mr. Zucker joins the IEEE.
1930s – 1940s Mr. Zucker works at General Electric, Co. and Detroit Edison Co. test, research and development, as well as Sprague Power Factor Correction Capacitor Company.
1936 Mr. Zucker becomes a Senior Member of the IEEE.
1950s Myron Zucker recognizes that all low-voltage capacitor manufacturers design their units for use in large fixed banks, and sets out to create new products to allow the best utilization of power within electrical systems.
1950 Mr. Zucker founds the Zucker Engineering Company, which would later become Myron Zucker, Inc.
1954 Mr. Zucker begins to sell unit capacitor cells mounted on trays for installation in control centers, and calls them “Capacitor Assemblies.”
1956 Myron Zucker, Inc. introduces the Traymount®, meant to be installed in motor control centers.
1960s Use of the Calmount® application spreads within major automotive industries, and the capacitor line is expanded.  Myron Zucker includes many new features and options that become standards in the capacitor industry, and Mr. Zucker earns the nickname Mr. Capacitor – USA.
1963 Mr. Zucker becomes a Life Senior Member of the IEEE.
1965 Calman (Capacitor-At-Load), Myron Zucker, Inc.’s company mascot, is introduced.
Myron Zucker, Inc. introduces the patented Calmount® brand capacitor.
1966 Myron Zucker, Inc.’s Multicalmount® (now Multical®) is introduced.
1967 Myron Zucker, Inc. is incorporated in Michigan with a sales office based in West Bloomfield and manufacturing based in Royal Oak, Michigan.
1969 Mr. Zucker serves as Chairman of the IEEE Electric Welding Committee and General Chairman of the 1969 IAS Annual Meeting.
1970s Harmonic-producing equipment comes into the marketplace in the mid-1970s, prompting Mr. Zucker to investigate the harmful effects harmonics can have on electrical systems.
1980s Mr. Zucker introduces harmonic filters into his product line to offset harmonic problems brought about by the introduction of non-linear equipment within manufacturing processes.
1983 Mr. Zucker becomes a member of the IEEE Industrial Applications Society (IAS) Executive Board.
1987 Mr. Zucker endows the IEEE Foundation with funds to establish the Myron Zucker Student-Faculty Grant Program.  The program annually supports funding student-faculty research or development projects.
Mr. Zucker sells Myron Zucker, Inc. to his business associate, Mr. William Zobel, who had worked with Mr. Zucker from the start of his business and provided manufacturing services for all products.
1989 The United States Patent and Trademark Office issues a patent for Myron Zucker, Inc.’s CelTel® brand loss-of-capacitance technology.
1990s The Zucker Industry Applications Student Design Contest replaces the Student-Faculty Grant Program to promote interest in power applications for industry.
2003 Donna Zobel succeeds her father, William Zobel, and becomes President and CEO of Myron Zucker, Inc., bringing new ideas for power factor correction applications in an increasingly environmentally-conscious world.
2004 Rockwell Automation awards Allen-Bradley Traymount® business to MZI.
2005 Myron Zucker, Inc. moves from Royal Oak, MI to Sterling Heights, MI.
2006 The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council certifies Myron Zucker, Inc. a woman-owned business.
MZI meets with Architect and Engineering firm Albert Kahn Associates in Detroit, Michigan on power factor correction and harmonic mitigation specifications.
2007 MZI exhibits at the Michigan Plant Engineering and Facilities Maintenance Expo.
Calmount® maximum kVAr for a single enclosure expanded from 100 to 120 kVAr at 480 Volt.
VAR Controls, Inc., a capacitor manufacturer, ceases operations and transitions customer accounts to Myron Zucker, Inc.  Learn more >
2008 NAWBO Top 10 Michigan Business Women Rainmaker award goes to Donna Zobel.
Myron Zucker, Inc. expands products into the marine industry by providing several CaltrapTM systems to Naust Marine in Iceland to improve operations of electric winch systems in commercial fishing vessels.
2009 Myron Zucker, Inc. becomes a member of Automation Alley.
2010 Donna Zobel is appointed to serve on the U.S. Department of Commerce Manufacturing Council.
Post Cereal facility engineers meet with MZI engineers and tour the MZI facility.
2012 Myron Zucker, Inc. launches a newly remodeled website.
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