Myron Zucker, Inc. Specification for Low-Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Section 263533 Specification for Low-Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors (Automatic & Fixed)

Myron Zucker, Inc. provides a specification document detailing current standards in power factor correction with MZI products as the basis of design.

“Part 2 – Products” is written in a format that allows a specifier to quickly remove sections of the document that do not pertain to a project.  For example, if a project requires only fixed capacitors without harmonic filters, language pertaining to harmonic filters and automatic capacitors can be excised from the document.

The Low-Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitor specification is often numbered as Section 263533 and occasionally as 263513 or 262414.  Specifications are divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 – General: Overview of the project and its requirements
  • Part 2 – Products: Product details
  • Part 3 – Execution: Installation, training, and other closeout processes
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