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CAPACIBANK® Selection Chart

Myron Zucker, Inc.’s Capacibank® brand capacitor is designed to be installed at the distribution center or service entrance for facility-wide correction.

All dimensions are in inches and weight in pounds.  Myron Zucker, Inc. reserves the right to change dimensions without notice.
The ampacity of capacitor circuit conductors shall not be less than 135% of the rated circuit of the capacitor (per NEC).

This selection chart features our standard 240 V/60 Hz, 480 V/60 Hz, 600 V/60 Hz products and is not comprehensive.  Other voltages and frequencies are available.  Request a quote or speak with a Myron Zucker Engineer.

kVArVoltageFrequencyAmpsWeightPart Number OldGet Quote
15048060180160CNX53150-3GET QUOTE
17548060210170CNX53175-3GET QUOTE
20048060241180CNX53200-3GET QUOTE
22548060271205CNX53225-3GET QUOTE
25048060301240CNX53250-3GET QUOTE
30048060360255CNX53300-3GET QUOTE
35048060421280CNX53350-3GET QUOTE
40048060481480CNX53400-3GET QUOTE
45048060541530CNX53450-3GET QUOTE
50048060601580CNX53500-3GET QUOTE
55048060662630CNX53550-3GET QUOTE
60048060722680CNX53600-3GET QUOTE
15060060144160CNX73150-3GET QUOTE
17560060168170CNX73175-3GET QUOTE
20060060192180CNX73200-3GET QUOTE
22560060217205CNX73225-3GET QUOTE
25060060241240CNX73250-3GET QUOTE
30060060289255CNX73300-3GET QUOTE
35060060337280CNX73350-3GET QUOTE
40060060385480CNX73400-3GET QUOTE
45060060433530CNX73450-3GET QUOTE
50060060481580CNX73500-3GET QUOTE
55060060529630CNX73550-3GET QUOTE
60060060577680CNX73600-3GET QUOTE
7524060189145CNX33075-3GET QUOTE
10024060241155CNX33100-3GET QUOTE
12524060301165CNX33125-3GET QUOTE
15024060361190CNX33150-3GET QUOTE
17524060421225CNX33175-3GET QUOTE
20024060481240CNX33200-3GET QUOTE
22524060541265CNX33225-3GET QUOTE
25024060601465CNX33250-3GET QUOTE
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